Dorothy Erickson

Dorothy Erickson s a practising jeweller, writer and art, design and heritage consultant in perth


Patronage and Corporate Collections in Western Australia
While only a small percentage of national enterprises are based in the west, business leaders have a tradition of serious interest in the visual arts, with a number owning fine collections which they are prepared to share with the public. The three collections featured here all include contemporary Western Australian art - a form of patronage local artists can instantly appreciate. The associated catalogues and books produced are an enduring form of patronage which provide a much needed record of art in Western Australia.
Art & Enterprise
Mnemotech : sense + scape + time + memory
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts 18 Sept - 20 October 2002
New Museums, New Agendas
Petr Herel: Drawings, Prints and Artist's Books
holmes à court gallery, East Perth 11 October - 25 November 2001
The Improved Body
Uglielands: The Fremantle Festival 2001
At Fremantle Arts Centre, as part of the annual Fremantle Festival in 2001, selected artists addressed the notion of fascination by and in the freak, geek and grotesque in relation to carnivals and circuses. Artists included Susan Flavell, Emma Margetts, Clare McFarlane and Nein Schwarz.
The Improved Body
Textiles Bridging Vietnam and WA
Carpets have long been a link between East and West. In 1992 a Western Australian textile designer-maker Rinske Car-Driesens began working with the Vietnam Women's Union and a Singapore business women's body to have her carpet designs hand-knotted in Vietnam using Australian wools dyed in Albany. While Car-Driesens uses CAD-CAM technology to design them, the Vietnamese workers rely on their hand and eye skills to produce wonderful results.
Contemporary Arts of the Region: SE Asia & Australia
Places for Sculpture and Sculptors: Perth
Gomboc Gallery and Sculpture Park is an inspiring example of vision and dedication to an artform within the private enterprise system.
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
The Western Way - Linney's, Argenta and Others
Western Australia has a tradition of artist/craftspeople with studio - gallery -shops.
Thinking Craft, Crafting Thought
Design Visions: International Exchange: Time for a Stocktake
Design Visions; The second Australian International Crafts Triennial on show at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in August September 1992 provided a chance for local viewers, historians, critics, artists, designers and 'craftspeople' to discuss and possibly take stock of our place in the international arena.
Thinking Craft, Crafting Thought
Journey by Proxy
Exhibition review Crossings Mary Knott: Drawings and Sculptures 1988 - 1992 Curated by Tony Geddes The Art Gallery of Western Australia October 3 - December 13 1992 Geraldton Regional Gallery December 18 -January 21 1993 Bunbury Art Galleries January 30 - March 7 1993
Film & Video
Festival of Perth: Visual Arts a Shadow of Their Former Selves
Review A sad thing has happened to the once vibrant visual arts component of the Festival of Perth - the oldest arts festival in Australia. It has become tired if not downright tiresome. The whole event needs a good shake - up.
The Art of Survival
Festival Neglects Visual Arts
Review The Festival of Perth March - April 1995 Western Australia
The Face
The Black Swan of Western Australian-ness
Since 1829, the inhabitants of the western third of Australia have identified more closely with the black swan than the kangaroo. The swan was and is to be found on a wide range of items from buildings to letterheads and furry toys. It crosses class boundaries...
Taste Meets Kitsch
Perth Science Centre employs artists
Opened in August 1988, Perths Scitech Discovery Centre aimed to add a ÔfunÕ environment to the physical and human sciences, with hands-on interactions and experiences. From its inception it employed design graduates to design and make many of its displays.
Art in the Electronic Landscape
Skadada at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art was an instant success when it was performed in September 1995. It is a dance, music and computer hybrid art performance with works by Katie Lavers, Jon Burtt and John Patterson using innovative MIDI technology with computer graphics, video and manipulated sound keyed in by a live performer.
Art in the Electronic Landscape
Fax me your head (in 3D)
Collaborative article by Dorothy Erickson, Jill Smith, Stephanie Britton and Phil Dench. The process of scanning in 2D images of manipulating and combining them in electronic paintboxes and of printing the results is familiar to many artists. Techniques are now being developed that will allow us to do the same thing with three dimensional objects.
Art in the Electronic Landscape
Andrew Carter: Theatre Designer to the World
Andrew Carter is a much sought after theatre designer. He is a creator of innovative sets and has received many presitigous commissions.
Australian Design
Australian Fine China: Artists and Industry
Perth based Australian Fine China, the only maker of porcelain in Australia and New Zealand, is currently using a number of artist-designers to move from being a stolid china manufacturer for railways and cafes to one whose products are seen in top flight restaurants in the big hotels, in classy tourist venues and now on the dining tables of the nation. They have some way to go to entice Australians to purchase the 'local product' for their homes but they are making steady progress.
Australian Design
Shooting Stars - Brigitte Braun's Artplace
Artplace is exlusively committed to Western Australian artists. The work of emerging artists is shown side by side with that of prominent artists in regular changing mixed exhibitions...Artplace shows aboriginal art as part of contemporary WA art and the gallery has a strong emphasis on giving talented artists their first solo show.
Emerging Artists
David Jones' sculptures in the landscape - a spirit of place
Spirituality in western art is not necessarily ecclesiastical. There are artists who make work which is imbued with a deep spiritual connection to the land. The works may be temporary, ephemeral installations surviving only in the photographic record or they may be of more permanent substances.
Art & the Spirit
Entrepreneurs and Public Art: Private Sponsorship for Public Art Begins to Bloom in WA
Although the history of the west militated against private sponsorship, it began to blossom in the 1990s. This was assisted by the State Government sponsored Percent for Art Scheme. Looks at various examples of public art in Western Australia.
Public Art in Australia
A Worthwhile Investment: The Ceramics of Pippin Drysdale
Examination of the ceramic works of Pippin Drysdale of Western Australia from her early years through to the 1999 Festival of Perth. Looks at her national and international successes.
The Future of Art
Unley Museum NAVA Country Arts SA Cementa