Someone has to be innocent: a reflection on the post-2020 art critic

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John Mateer is a writer, curator and poet based in Perth/Boorloo. Since the early 1990s, he has written art criticism for most Australian art journals and magazines in the UK, Portugal and Hong Kong. His books include Semar’s Cave: an Indonesian Journal, The Quiet Slave: an History in Eight Episodes Invisible Genres: Two Essays on Iconoclasm (with Dutch art historian Arvi Wattel). He is currently conducting a research project on connections between the films of Werner Herzog and Australia.

Card image: Pilar Mata Dupont, La Maruja, La Mano, 2021, photo print, acrylic, face mounted on aluminium. Image courtesy the Artist and MOORE CONTEMPORARY. © Pilar Mata Dupont/ Copyright Agency, 2022.