Geological pit stops: Kate Hill and Isadora Vaughan

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The use of timestamps in the writing of this text forms part of an ongoing temporal methodology, first developed for a commission by Artspace Aotearoa in responding to themes of gentrification and queer futurity. Where the micro‑delineations of 24‑hour clock time are divorced from broader contextual referents, Western conceptions of time as linear subvert to open up to broader appreciations of time, space and rhythm as cyclical.

Abbra Kotlarczyk is an independent visual artist, writer, editor and curator based in Naarm/Melbourne.

Kate Hill is currently working on a PhD project with the Faculty of Fine Art at Monash University, continuing her practice‑led research into the politics of land use.

Isadora Vaughan works primarily with sculpture and installation. In 2020 she is participating is a group exhibition, Overlapping Magisteria, the second edition of the Macfarlane Commissions to be held at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.