Shigeyuki Kihara, Fa’afafine; In the Manner of a Woman, 2005, triptych detail. Image courtesy of Yuki Kihara Studio and Milford Galleries Dunedin, New Zealand

Towards an outward-looking Indigeneity

On leadership and self-determination in Indigenous arts

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Michelle Evans, originally from the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, is a Bathurst-based academic, writer, facilitator and cultural producer. She is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership at Charles Sturt University and a Research Fellow at Melbourne Business School, where she leads MURRA, Australia’s first Indigenous Business Master Class. Michelle is a Fulbright Scholar (2013); a Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Co-operative and Community Based Economy at the University of Victoria, Canada (2012); and is Trustee of the Yvonne Cohen Award for Indigenous Creative Young Australians, and a member of Asia-Pacific Partnerships Brokers Network