Blandowski's Illustrated Encyclopaedia

Freelance curator, honorary associate of Museum Victoria and Blandowski-ite from way back John Kean analyses this prickly Prussian polymath's Illustrated Encyclopedia on Australia at last brought together and to light by the efforts of New Zealander Harry Allen. The book includes contributions by Mark Dugagrist, Brook Andrew, Luise Hercus and Thomas A. Darragh.

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John Kean was Art Advisor at Papunya Tula Artists Pty Ltd, (1977 to 1979) inaugural Exhibition Coordinator at Tandanya: the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute (1989 to 1992) Exhibition Coordinator at Fremantle Arts Centre (1993 to 1996) and a producer with Museum Victoria (1996 to 2010). John has published extensively on Indigenous art and the representation of nature in Australian museums.