Of New Zealand Art and Letters

When it comes to New Zealand publications, the excitement generated by each forthcoming issue is as good a yardstick as any to judge by. Kate Montgomery provides details on some of New Zealand's top publications including Natural Selection (www.naturalselection.org.nz) edited by Gwyneth Porter and Dan Arps and designed by Warren Olds, Crease (www.crease.org.nz) edited by Chloe Lane, Ceili Murphy and Susie Pratt and designed by Kentaro Yamada, Ramp (www.rampmagazine.org), White Fungus (www.whitefungus.com), Artspace catalogues and publications (www.artspace.org.nz), The Physics Room (www.physicsroom.org.nz), Artbash (www.artbash.co.nz), Presto, Landfall (www.otago.ac.nz/press/landfall) and those from artist-run spaces such as The High Street Project (www.hsp.org.nz), Enjoy (www.enjoy.org.nz), rm103 (www.rm103.org), Canary (www.canarygallery.com), Cuckoo (www.cuckoo.org.nz) and Special.

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