Ashley Crawford

Ashley Crawford is a Melbourne based writer and editor


Eat the problem: MONA's carnivalesque of cuisine

When art meets food, their offspring are often surreal. One need only look back to the ubiquitous presence in kitchens world-wide of reproductions of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s fruity portraits or René Magritte’s iconic green apple to find triggers for this impulse.

The relationship between food and art has long dominated the world of painting, photography, literature and cinema in an often-noxious pairing of gratuitous ingestion and aesthetics, most notably in Marco Ferreri’s The Grande Bouffe (1975) and Peter Greenaway’s The Cook, The Thief, The Wife and His Lover (1989).

Food Bowl
Heath Franco: Visceral video
“I believe that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stranger.“
En Pointe: Magda Matwiejew
En Pointe: Magda Matwiejew Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne 28 July 28 – 21 August 2010
Stirring II
A new alphabet? Guan Wei goes bush
A project coordinated by 24HR Art in Darwin brought artists of Chinese, European and Japanese origin to the township of Injalak in Gunbalanya, Western Arnhem Land. Ashley Crawford looks at the time Chinese-born, Sydney-based artist Guan Wei spent with three members of the local community and the stories he learnt to accompany the ancient rock art of this region. Subsequent to discovering the similarities between Indigenous Australian and Chinese visual narratives, Wei wanted to use the images as an alphabet to tell the story of his own encounters and experiences with the people and the landscape of Gunbalanya.
The Word As Art
NAVA Country Arts SA Cementa Unley Museum