Paul Downton

Paul F Downton is Principal Architect and Urban Ecologist with Ecopolis Architect Pty Ltd and Living Cities Design Pty Ltd


Street legal: unmediated exchange
Eco-architect Paul Downton gets down with street artist Peter Drew who endorses Adelaide's mayor Stephen Yarwood's statement: “Art isn’t just for art galleries… Cities are the best art galleries you could possibly have.” Yet Drew also thinks that street art will maintain its authenticity “because there’s always going to be an illegal aspect to it…"
Interview with Peter Sellars: Architecture, Adelaide Festival and Organic Oranges

Urban ecologist and architect Paul Downton interviewed 2002 Telstra Adelaide Festival Director Peter Sellars and Associate Director Cathy Woolcock about urban design and ecology and the attempts to create a shift from the idea of 'ownership' to 'participation' between people and the urban and natural environments. This feature also weaves in comments by Bert Flugelman, Judith Brine and Francesco Bonarto about the way they are prepared to express their feelings about their city and the way it looks and feels.

Sculpture and Cities
In correct syntax, Greg Leong, Mammad Aidani and Matthew Ngui,
Nexus Multicultural Art Centre Adelaide 6 September - 7 October 2001
The Improved Body
Making Place in an Urban Sense
Our sense of who and where we are is continually mediated by images of the wilderness and the outback, but the real home of our species is the city. Downton is an architect determined to work through processes of ecology and community and is excited by the challenges of the city. He here examines the connections between humans and nature within the domain of a civic built environment.
Everyone Lives Downstream: James Darling and Lesley Forwood
Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
24 November – 19 December 2004
Handmade: The New Labour
Overtaken by Glaciers: The State of Eco-Architecture
Downton and Prelgauskas are advocates for ecological architecture and urbanism and through this article explore a little of what is happening in Australian architecture and compare overseas experiences. Australian progress in the art of ecological living has been fairly slow and although it hasnt matured yet, this article is optimistic in its exploration of some of the encouraging signs. What is missing they say is sufficient enlightened clients and a culture that is ecologically attuned to the artful songs of the biosphere.
Ecology: Everyone's Business
India Flint, Stephanie Radok, Honor Freeman and Sarah CrowEST, Roy Amanda, Andrew Best and Matthew Bradley
Built! An ephemeral public art project Adelaide Festival Centre 4 - 24 August 2003 I've Been Busy Adelaide Festival Centre 30 July - 6 September 2003
The China Phenomenon
I Wonder Where the Public Art Went?
During the first half of 2002 the Danish champion of pedestrians, Dr. Jan Gehl and his team from GEHL Architects were commissioned to analyse the City of Adelaide in terms of its viability as a pedestrian city.
New Museums, New Agendas
The Art of Living
The place Ecopolis 2, the world's first ecocity. The time -- mid-afternoon 3rd November 2007.
Art, Architecture & the Environment
The Terratransformers of Planet Three
Re-creation of a living landscape has to happen in farmyards, back-yards, and city squares, it has to be understood and practised at the small scale as well as the large. The remake the landscape for an ecological future we must make it fit for all living beings.
Cementa NAVA Unley Museum