Rose Lang


Easy Access Hardware
The Raw Material Curatorial Development Program was designed to provide training opportunities for curators without experience, but with plenty of potential. Based at Gertrude Street Victoria. Featured artwork by Marie Sierra-Hughes.
The Art of Survival
Talking about Ethics: Marie Sierra takes on her audience
Examines the career of Marie Sierra from her arrival in Australia in 1984, her coming to Melbourne in 1986 and her Barcelona studio residency in the mid 1990s. Explores how the roles of academic and artist sustain and inform each other. Deals specifically with works 'Justice' 1992 , 'Do that Job' 1993, 'Knowledge is Power' 1994, 'Planning' 1995, 'Public Address' 1995, 'Separation and Growth' 1996.
The Future of Art
NAVA Samstag Bendigo Art Gallery