David Kerr

David Kerr is an artist and Development and Design Manager at the South Australian Museum


Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery
The new Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery, the spearhead of the new and improved South Australian Museum development program, set out to unlocked one of the great ethnographic collections of the world and give insight into one of the worlds oldest, most continuous living cultures. Some of the artefacts on display included totem poles from Elcho Island, headdresses from Central Australia, Darwin area and Mornington Island and wooden shields from across Australia.
Reflection: 20th Anniversary Issue
Wild Nature in Contemporary Australian Art and Craft
Wild Nature in Contemporary Australian Art and Craft A survey exhibition of 43 artists Curator Margot Osborne JamFactory Craft & Design Centre, Adelaide 21 September - 10 November 2002
Prospect Public Spaces Study Group
Prospect Public Spaces Study Group are Prospect residents with interest and skills in the arts. It meets regularly to consider the built environment in Prospect, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia.
Community Arts
Jumbana Designs
John and Ros Moriarty of Jumbuna Designs in interview.
Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art
Cementa Unley Museum Country Arts SA NAVA