Staking out the globe: Indian art now

Contemporary Indian art has become the site for an unprecedented series of investments since the beginning of this century. Individual and institutional collectors, market speculators, commercial galleries and public museums, university departments and publishing houses, all seem to have arrived at a realisation of the significance of contemporary art in India. And this new realisation is being acted out with a degree of enthusiasm that would have seemed improbable a few decades ago. New commercial galleries and auction houses have mushroomed in major Indian cities. International galleries have started courting major players in this lucrative sector of the art market. A number of artists have become regulars in a supercharged gallery and museum circuit. Names such as Subodh Gupta (b. 1964), Bharti Kher (b. 1969), Jitish Kallat (b. 1974), and Shilpa Gupta (b. 1976), are now to be commonly found in international listings of what's happening and who’s who. As Subodh Gupta put it in 2008:

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