Indigenous_Kanarn Wangkiny/Wanggandi Karlto
Speaking from inside

Issue 38:2 | June 2018

Editors: Clothilde Bullen, Wardandi/Yamatji/French/English heritage, is Curator, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Collections and Exhibitions, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia. James Tylor is a visual artist of Kaurna/Maori/European heritage.
This edition, representing the perspectives of the southern language groups of Australia, focuses on Indigenous sovereignty through the actions of cultural producers. Decolonisation is addressed in a multitude of ways, starting with the decolonisation of the self, and the ways in which we narrate the impact on the lives of First Nations peoples of centuries of generational trauma, following European colonisation, and the enforced assimilation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It takes on the challenge of reinvigorating tradition, language and cultural values as protocols for leadership, centred on the critical agency of First Peoples.
Bendigo Art Gallery Australian Body Art Festival NAVA Samstag