David Broker

David Broker is Director of the Canberra Contemporary Art Space


Memoirs of a Videophile: Video Cannibalism, A Personal View
In this article David Broker looks selectively at the brief history and development of video art, a trying medium voluntarily lost to him around 1985. Broker uses three examples of the video grande- Francesco Vezzolis Comizi di Non Amore, Emmanuelle Antilles Angels Camp and a work by Miguel Calderon featured in the 2004 Sao Paulo Biennale. Each work exists in its own way as a continuum upon which the trajectory of the technologies they have absorbed is not only clear but also fundamental to the work. As Broker declares the video revival has in itself been a spectacle, with digital video driving its acolytes to ever-greater heights of excess.
Screen Deep
Belinda Giddins, Mandy Ridley and Sandra Selig
Exhibition review Belinda Giddins, Mandy Ridley, Sandra Selig Parlour Metro Art, Brisbane Queensland
Emerging Artists
NAVA Stockroom Kyneton Samstag Bendigo Art Gallery