Tamara Winikoff

Tamara Winikoff is the Executive Director of the National Association for the Visual Arts


World Summit on Arts & Culture

Executive Director of NAVA Tamara Winikoff missed the voices of artists at the October 2011 World Summit on Arts & Culture in Melbourne.

Don't look it might bite: censoring the visual arts
Executive Director of the National Association for the Visual Art (NAVA) Tamara Winikoff looks at the recent situation in Australia regarding censorship, art, politics and the law.
Changing Climates in Arts Publishing
Postcard from China: 900 years of kneeling - censored

In his work, Chinese artist Jin Feng maintains a continuing interest in 'problem people'. Concerned with socio-philosophical issues, he is testing the limits of tolerance. He is also interested in challenging public prejudices against the too easily condemned. Tamara Winikoff interviews Jin Feng about his sculptural piece 'We Want A Rest By Standing Up'  depicting two infamous figures from China's history. This was the subject of much recent controversy and was censored by the authorities.

The Word As Art
Bert Flugelman: Still Flying
Bert Flugelman is a sculptor and painter. His influence on generations of students is legendary, in major art schools in Sydney, Adelaide and Wollongong whose sculpture departments suddenly spring into life when he arrives. He has an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Wollongong, whose Friends association raised the money to pay for his gigantic winged sculpture on Mount Ousley overlooking the city an Icarus in the ascendant. At 82, he is still hard at work making large-scale works in his studio and workshop in Bowral, NSW, where Tamara Winikoff interviewed him on 23 June 2006.
Elders: The Old Magic
Will we get real artist's moral rights?

With the recent boom being enjoyed by public art in Australia, the issue of moral rights legislation has become more pressing. It was in recognition of the power differential between most artists and the users of their work that Australia became a signatory to an international agreement, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works designed to redress the imbalance. Some of the clauses and conditions of this legislation are briefly discussed.

Sculpture and Cities
The Art and Craft Centre Story
Review of The Art and Craft Centre Story Volume I by Felicity Wright and Frances Morphy. This is an exhaustive survey of Indigenous art centres examining every aspect of their operations. The appalling conditions under which the staff of these centres work bely the extraordinary success of these centres. The authors recommend adoption of a policy of coordinated help with human resources.
Reconciliation: Indigenous art for the 21st Century
The Art of Living Sustainably
Written with Andrew Bryan The increasing urgency for us to achieve a harmonious relationship with the environment is stimulating artists in many media and designers in a range of disciplines to work in new ways with one another and community groups who share this concern.
Art, Architecture & the Environment
People and places
In Hastings Victoria, a performance artist and a conservationist worked with school children and the community to raise their consciousness of the necessity to protect the seagrass in the area against destruction from industrial development. Three years after the start of the Seagrass Project, the community voted into council a large contingent of environmentally conscious representatives.
Community Arts
What do THEY make of it?
Jenny Holzer shared some thoughts with Tamara Winikoff during Artist's Week in Adelaide in March 1998 about her relationship with the public, who over the years and in various countries, has been the audience for her artworks in the public arena.
Public Art in Australia
The Good the Bad and the GST
The role of the arts within the Federal Coalition portfolio. Proposed new tax arrangements suggest a contraction in support for new innovative work in favour of much more conservative, market driven high end focussed practice, and a drop overall in arts activity.
The Future of Art
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