Louise Martin-Chew

Louise Martin-Chew is a freelance writer. She is the Brisbane art critic for The Australian.


Bruce Reynolds: Air Percussion
Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane 3 - 26 March 2011
Indigenous: Beauty & Terror
Fiona Foley: Public and Political
Fiona Foley's recent public work has gone from strength to strength most recently at Mackay where her six large new works form a trail commemorating the Pacific and black history of the region.
Indigenous: Beauty & Terror
The Artists
Notable for their ability to conduct practices from Brisbane over recent years are Luke Roberts, Scott Redford, Eugene Carchesio, Leonard Brown, Sebastian de Mauro, Gordon Bennett, Joe Furlonger, and Jay Younger, who have all emerged since 1980 into the national (and several into the international) marketplace. These practice are here explored in all their diversity. Martin-Chew looks at the increase in available resources and some of the opportunities that Brisbane has to offer for young and emerging artists wanting to break into the local and international art scene. Other artists discussed include Jemima Wyman, Lisa Adams, Rod Bunter, Vernon Ah Kee, Sandra Selig, Andrea Higgins and Michael Zavros.
Critical Mass: The New Brisbane
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