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Pioneering Gallerists: Kym Bonython

While Kym Bonython AC, DFC, AFC is not in the league of the iconic art dealers Joseph Duveen or Ambroise Vollard, he was as important to the Australian art scene in the 60s as Leo Castelli was to New York. Born in Adelaide in 1920, he chronicled his unusual life in autobiography Ladies Legs and Lemonade in 1979 which describes his various careers to that point. When Paul Greenaway talked to him for Artlink recently he began by asking him about his collecting activities in the early days, who he bought art from and whether he followed their lead.

Elders: The Old Magic
Auctions and Copyright: Moratorium

Recent auctions held by Christie's, Sotherby's and Deutscher-Menzies have clearly demonstrated that the market is now looking towards artists in their fifties and even younger. The relationship between artists and auction houses is here discussed with reference to artists Juan Davila, Charles Blackman, Imants Tillers, Mandy Martin, John Wolseley, Howard Arkley, Lloyd Rees, Emily Kngwarray, Lin Onus and groups Desart, Balgo Artists and Utopia Arts.

Sculpture and Cities
Impressive Risk-Taking: The Ideal City at the Valencia Biennial 2003
While the Venice Biennale remains the pre-eminent visual arts event on the international calendar there are now over 40 similar events that claim to be truly international. One of the newest is held in Spain and its second addition in 2003 gave us a tightly curated, human-scale celebration of ideas with some outstanding exhibitions. Developed expediently over the last five years, taking the community with them, the government is changing face and mindset of what was only ten years ago a city in the grip of chronic decay. Paul Greenaway reports.
Rich & Strange
Juan Davila
Exhibition review Juan Davila Contemporary Art Centre Adelaide South Australia 9 August - 8 September 1991
Art, Architecture & the Environment
Blue Bush, Blue Sky and Silver
Book review Blue Bush, Blue Sky and Silver Guide to artists and galleries of Broken Hill.
Naive & Outsider Art
Upping the Ante: SALA'99.Leter to the Editor
Describes the nature of SALA South Australian Living Artists Week to celebrate the talent and imagination of SA artists and aims to promote widespread recognition of their achievements by exposing their work to new audiences. There were 50 venues, 28 of which were outside the metropolitan area.
The Future of Art
Rosalie Gascoigne AM
Obituary for Rosalie Gascoigne AM Born Auckland 25 January 1917 Died Canberra 23 October 1999
Good Taste: Food, Consumption & Pleasure
Cementa NAVA Unley Museum