Jennifer Isaacs


Eccentric Gardens of Australia
In country towns, suburban lanes and backstreets, tucked behind barricades and fences or alternatively displayed for all to see, are the gardens and decorated outdoor spaces of many 'other' artists. These gardens or 'exhibitions' could generally be called quirky. Many coloured photographs.
Naive & Outsider Art
Honey: It's Meaning in Aboriginal Art
Across the far north of Australia, honey is enshrined at the centre of life's meaning as a nourishing and creative presence in a landscape derived from the Ancestral Beings themselves. Looks at the visual representations of honey for the Dhuwa and Yirritja people. Discusses the creation myths and their contemporary expressions in bark paintings and sculptures.
Good Taste: Food, Consumption & Pleasure
Stockroom Kyneton Samstag Bendigo Art Gallery NAVA