Naive & Outsider Art

Naive & Outsider Art

Vol 12 no 4, 1992

Challenging issue which looks at naive and outsider art. Think about tattoos, topiary, whittling, garden landscapes, commercialisation - all sorts of issues to challenge the usual stereotypes. Reviews

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You are here » Artlink » Vol 12 no 4, 1992 » The Boundary Riders: The Art of Everyday Life

The Boundary Riders: The Art of Everyday Life

Author: Ms Sylvia Kleinert, feature

The diversity of work found in the art of everyday life transgresses many of the implicit boundaries about art practice laid down by the art world. Other art meets all the criteria by which we usually evaluate art works such as skill, commitment and self-expression yet is rarely seen in a gallery context. In order to recover meaning and value for the art of everyday life the question must be asked: why have these artists been marginalised by the art world?

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