Susan Cochrane

Susan Cochrane is a freelance author and curator, and Director of PacificLink Arts Consultants


Bilum breakout: fashion, artworld, national pride
In the past decade bilum fashion has really taken off in Papua New Guinea and is now getting wider exposure through a few PNG gallery and designer websites like Pasifik Nau and Lava Lava Innovations. Since the late 1990s, local trendsetters of high fashion, including Cathy Kata and Florence Jaukae, have made a name for their original bilum outfits.
After the Missionaries
New Home for University Art Museum
Mayne Centre, University of Queensland Opened 15 April 2004
Shopping & Extreme Pleasures
Story Place: Indigenous Art of Cape York and the Rainforest
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane 26 July - 9 November 2003
The China Phenomenon
Towards Ubuntu: The Way of the South
Melbourne is the host city of the South Project, a project designed to celebrate the creative energies of people living in the southern hemisphere and create south-south dialogue between artists of the countries of the south. South 1 encouraged all kinds of responses: philosophical and whimsical, creative and conceptual, contesting and renewing ideas, in the first gathering of its kind.
Hybrid World
Metaphors of Mortality: Catherine Truman
Exhibition review Life Boat: Carvings by Catherine Truman Jam Factory Gallery South Australia 10 July - 9 August 1992
Art and the Economy
New Sculpture in Papua New Guinea
Re-evaluation of the current position of artworks from Papua New Guinea looking particularly at sculpture.
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
Book review Tivaevae: Portraits of Cook Island Quilting By Lynnsay Rongokea Photographs John Daley Published Daphne Brussell Assocs Press Wellington New Zealand
Naive & Outsider Art
How to Hold a Festival in the Cook Islands
Make your moment in Pacific history and hang the cost. On 15 October 1992 Raratongans waited expectantly for their 2000 guests from 23 other Pacific countries to arrive for the 6th Pacific Festival of Arts.
Naive & Outsider Art
Shedding the Bark
Bark painters of Arnhem Land are experimenting with a new medium - canvas- and in so doing both increasing their output and responding to market forces.
The Art of Survival
The Cultural Biography of Plants
The cultural biography of plants provides an extremely fertile field for artists to explore. It also encourages artists, and viewers, to explore the interface between cultures and between culture and agriculture.
Pacific Stories from New Caledonia
Collecting Pacific Art is not a straight forward endeavour. There are really no set criteria of what 'contemporary Pacific art' might be, little interpretive literature on the subject and very few precedents for forming even small collections for cultural institutions. There is a new cultural centre 'the Jean-Marie Cultural Centre' being built in Noumea, New Caledonia.
Indigenous Arts of the Pacific
Unley Museum AMaGA NAVA Cementa