Dani Marti: New York, Sydney, Cessnock

Dani Marti has a residency at the Australia Council Greene Street Studio, and I’m here to interview him for my StudioCrasher project. It’s a classic New York loft. And it’s big—134 square metres—with bright daylight diffused throughout the space from skylight windows high above. In front of me, there’s a living room area with a large couch and a coffee table next to an open window leading onto the typical Manhattan fire escape. To the right is an office or workshop area and in the far corner is a small kitchen. At the centre of the cavernous space is the main work area. As a failed artist turned theorist, I’m impressed. This loft in Soho ticks all the boxes about what an artist’s studio should be—large, semi‑industrial, with high ceilings, at the heart of a major metropolitan centre.

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