Co-curators Zara Stanhope and Danae Mossman discuss TRANS VERSAa project by thirteen artists at three venues in Santiago as part of The South Project gathering. Through this conversation Stanhope and Mossman discuss some of the challenges and aims of the project - to avoid being the importers of pre-existing art and to create an interest in engendering collaboration, with the fundamental idea based on flow and movement across geography. This discussion engages notions of globalisation, communication, knowledge and various cross-cultural agendas.

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Zara Stanhope is Deputy Director, Senior Curator at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne. She also works on independent projects, and is a member of the Advisory Committee for The South Project.

Danae Mossman is Director of The Physics Room contemporary art space in Christchurch, New Zealand. Mossman is also a contributor to art publications, and has worked as an independent curator with New Zealand and Australian artists.