Fernando Balcells

Fernando Balcells works as an advisor for an agro-industrial holding, introducing ethical concepts within labour relations - 'beyond the so-called enterprise responsibility' - and creativity practices - 'free utilitarian demands and going beyond innovation disciplines.' He is also collaborating with Lotty Rosenfeld for her show at documenta 12, Kassel 2007 and working passionately on a text for Carlos Altamirano's coming exhibition at the Nationa Fine Arts Museum in Santiago


CADA: art and life: Chile
In the wasteland of Chile, post- Military Coup of 1973, the Coectivo Acciones de Arte (CADA) arose in 1979, formed by the sociologist Fernando Balcells, the writer Diamela Eltit, the poet Raul Zurita and the visual artists Lotty Rosenfeld and Juan Castillo. The role of CADA was forged via a necessity for theoretical and practical renovation of the national artistic undertaking and the urgency to reset this task towards the fusion of art and life. This article follows the various movements of CADA, often formed on the basis of public protest and artistic dissemination and considered to be social sculpture which referred to art as a proposal for the social construction of reality. CADAs work attracted and affected many people and became a great challenge of collective creation.
The South Issue: New Horizons
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