Kurt Brereton


Exquisite Corpses
We collage, genderbend, cross dress and polymorph exquisite corpses out of media and advertising personalities, then use them as fantasy aids in the cause of our mundane desires.
Men's Business: Masculinities Reflected
Virtual Topographics: an interview with Peter Callas
It is now well accepted that what has been variously dubbed the Ònew mediaÓ, Òelectronic artsÓ, ÒmultimediaÓ, or Òhybrid artsÓ are rapidly changing how we engage with issues of subjectivity, identity, nationality and interactivity.
Art in the Electronic Landscape
The Republican Rock: A Vexing Issue
Flags are vexing (vexillological) by nature. Explores the role of flags and the ways they have been subverted, with recent exhibitions recognising their irony and employing ideas that unpick the ideological rhetoric stitched into these symbols.
Looking at the Republic
That Iconic Moment: The Dismissal
1.30pm Remembrance Day. November 11, 1975 is a sacred memorial for the Australian Republican movement. This was the first time in Australian history that an unelected representative of the Queen had dismissed a Federal Government elected by the people.
Looking at the Republic
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