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Kimono as Canvas
Gallery East or 2000 Perth International Arts Festival 12 February - 5 March and touring for two years
The Long Stare: Seeing Contemporary Asian art Now
Sculpture Flourishes in Western Australia
This article is about sculpture in Western Australia and how efforts have been made in the recent past to establish the nature of its practice and the identity of its practitioners.
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
Showing and Working Together in WA
To survive financially and professionally a large number of artists in WA have formed themselves into co-operatives.
The Art of Survival
Artists as Soul Agents in WA
During the 1990s a number of initiatives have been undertaken in Western Australia which aim to improve the lot of the State's artists. The article examines three particular initiatives.
The Art of Survival
Visualising Masculinities - Claremont School of Art
Exhibition review Visualising Masculinities Claremont School of Art Perth Western Australia 20 May - 15 June 1994
Sydney: The Big Shift
Made in WA: A Sculptor's Alternative Practice
Although well known in regional art histories, Western Australian sculptor Edward Kohler has a far wider importance. Economic survival led him to blend popular and high art long before it was standard practice. With the Piccadilly Theatre reliefs of 1938, the sheer exuberance and infectious quality of a positive (if unconscious) kitsch aesthetic entered professional Australian art 60 years ago: Hollywood meets Olympia.
Taste Meets Kitsch
Shelf life, Use by Date and Other Related Issues
Isn't it about time we showed artists and our public artworks a little more respect? We coaxed artists out of their studios to put their creative souls on public display, and now many of those life enhancing objects are looking unloved, forlorn and neglected.
Public Art in Australia
8 X Tables by Steve Tepper
Moore's Building, Fremantle May 14 - 28, 1998 Reviewed by Robyn Taylor
Art, Pornography & Censorship
AMaGA Cementa NAVA Unley Museum