Barry Craig


Luk Luk Gen!
Exhibition Review: Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute Adelaide South Australia November 1990 - June 1991
Arts in a Multicultural Australia
Dancing Sulka Masks
Examination of the role of dance masks in Papua New Guinea culture. The author was in the area to invite 2 Sulka men to Adelaide to dance hemlaut and susu masks at the Pacific Arts Symposium in April 1993. Coloured photos of the dance masks.
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
Ginger Riley and Ian Abdulla
Exhibition review (indigenous artists) Koori Perspective 12 May - 31 June 1991 Ian Abdulla 9 June - 31 July 1991 Ginger Riley Munduwalawala 7 July - 31 August Tandanya Adelaide South Australia
Art & Education
Repatriation of Papua New Guinea's Cultural Heritage
Jim Specht of the Australian Museum Sydney, has written that "public and private collections of archaeological and ethnographic specimens around the world contain tens of millions of specimens yet only a minute fraction of this total is actually held in its countries of origin" ; most of this material he says, was acquired through colonial or military occupation.
Museums on the Edge
Art of the Other
Book review Oceanic Art by Nicholas Thomas 1995 London Thames and Hudson's World of Art Series 216 pp 182 illustrations, 26 in colour RRP $22.95
The Face
Inflecting the Museum
Exhibition review Litteraria Simryn Gill and Robert MacPherson Artists in residence at the South Australian Museum 16 September - 31 December 1995
Taste Meets Kitsch
New Developments for the Papua New Guinea National Museum
Brief article outlining the current directions and focus for the PNG Museum and Art Gallery in Port Moresby.
Indigenous Arts of the Pacific
The Path of Peace
Arts of Vanuatu Ed Bonnemaison, Huffman Kaufmann, Tryon. Published by Crawford House RRP $69.95
Looking at the Republic
ODD: business, news, finance and weather
Andrew Petrusevics and Chris Gaston Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre 28 August to 24 October 1998
The Big Pond: Australian Artists Overseas
Unley Museum Cementa Country Arts SA NAVA