Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson is a freelance writer and curator. He moved to Victoria in 2002, after three decades in Brisbane.


Melbourne >< Brisbane: Punk, Art and After
Curator: David Pestorius Ian Potter Museum of Art University of Melbourne 24 February - 16 May 2010
Art in the Public Arena
A History of Forgetting
Anderson looks at one of Brisbanes formative cultural events, The Demolition Show, an exhibition curated by John Stafford in 1986 to mark to demise of the relatively short lived Observatory artist run space and in the fact the whole city block that surrounded it. This notion of demolition is raised in this article not only in the context of this particular event but also as a way of exploring a past which has for the most part fallen through the cracks. As Anderson states: Long after the dust has settled, the perception that Brisbane has no past in visual art, no critical mass, still lingers. Yet it is far from a new issue.
Critical Mass: The New Brisbane
Incidental Benefits: Arts Industry Rhetoric and Policy Objectives
The notion of the arts as an industry dates in Australia from about 10 years ago with the beginnings of statistical data measuring the economic impact of artistic activity. ... (Response to this article by Anna Ward, Director of the National Association of Visual Arts also in this issue of Artlink.)
Art and the Economy
Against the
There's something about public art projects that seems to either bring out the best or the worst in artists. Looks at the 'loo with a view' on the beach front at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The project has not been without its tensions......
Public Art in Australia
Hypothetical Product
Critics rarely talk about money and art. How to price a work of art and how to make a living of about $35,000 per annum are discussed. Artist need to work out how to make a name for themselves to increase the base price of their artworks. And anyway if you have to think about the price, chances are you can't afford it.
The Future of Art
Cementa Country Arts SA NAVA Unley Museum