Anusha Kenny

Anusha Kenny is a Melbourne based emerging arts writer and curator


Writing with art
Melbourne-based writer and curator Anusha Kenny discusses the writing about art that she likes by poets Ken Bolton, Alex Selenitsch and John Forbes and contrasts it with the situation described by Adrian Martin in a recent article in 'Discipline' lamenting the fact that so much art writing is chained to “the hit-parade values of the art market”.
The Naked Face: Self-Portraits
Curator: Vivien Gaston National Gallery of Victoria
The Enchanted Forest
The enchanted forest: new gothic storytellers Curator: Jazmina Cininas Geelong Gallery, 12 April - 9 June 2008; Bendigo Art Gallery, 19 July – 17 August 2008; Shepparton Art Gallery, 1 November – 14 December 2008; Latrobe Regional Gallery, 21 February – 19 April 2009; Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, 1 May – 7 June 2009; Dubbo Regional Gallery , 4 July – 13 September 2009; Tweed River Art Gallery, 1 October – 15 November 2009
After the Missionaries
Cementa Unley Museum NAVA