Frances Kofod

Frances Kofod is a consultant, linguist, writer and research scholar based in Kununurra specialising in Top End cultures.


Warmun Arts. You got a story?
On language and the image in Gija art.
Indigenous Northern
Hector Jandany 1927-2006: Teacher of Culture
Hector Jandanys work was informed by the ever-present knowledge of his country, and the ngarranggarni or Dreamtime the time the world and the rules for life began. He was renowned as a teacher of Gija language and culture in Warmun since the 1980s and he helped spread knowledge of song and ngarranggarni throughout the East Kimberley. Jandany was part of an amazing cultural team including George Mung Mung, Jack Britten, Henry Wambiny, Queenie McKenzie and others supported at Texas Downs by the kindness of manager Jimmy Klein.
Elders: The Old Magic
Bendigo Art Gallery NAVA Samstag