Paula Furby


Degenerates and Perverts

Degenerates and Perverts: The 1939 Herald Exhibition of French and British Contemporary Art by Eileen Chanin and Steven Miller, with an introduction by Judith Pugh Miegunyah Press, 2005, RRP $69.95 Reviewed by Paula Furby

Beyond Mertz and Whitechapel: 'contemporary' Australian Modernism
Furby raises the issues of women artists role in Australian society and the considerable lack of recognition for this minority. The radical art group, the Contemporary Art Society (CAS), which was founded in Victoria in 1938 to counter attack academic art and to foster original and creative contemporary art, had its majority as women artists. The works of Mirka Mora, Erica McGilchrist, Nancy Borlase, Elsa Russell, Jacqueline Hick and Barbara Robertson are included in this discussion.
Sculpture and Cities
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