Peter Hay

Pete Hay, Tasmanian born, bred and based, is a poet, essayist, social commentator and a scholar of place and place activism. His most recent publications are 'Main Currents in Western Environmental Thought', 'Vandiemonian Essays', and 'Silently on the Tide' (poetry).


Shape of the wind: pattern & chaos in Sue Lovegrove's island art
Head of Environmental Studies at the University of Tasmania and writer Peter Hay describes the recent paintings of Sue Lovegrove made from her experience of different islands off the coast of Tasmania - Maatsuyker Island, Egg Island and most recently Tasman Island. Lovegrove began with painting clouds but has moved on to paint the shape of the wind.
Pattern & Complexity
Dinoflagellates and Art: Jane Quon's Marine Installations
Jane Quon has evolved from printmaker to multi-media installation artist - though she much prefers the descriptor 'ecological artist'. Her installations make strong use of 'ephemeral' media - light, sound - and her focus is the quality of the marine environment, within that the threat to vulnerable aquatic ecosystems posed by the dumping of ship ballast water. Quon has been involved in a number of ecological projects, including installations at the new headquarters of the Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management in Penang, the International Maritime Organisation building on the Thames Embankment in London and was part of the CSIRO's Metis exhibition in Canberra. Hay here pays particular attention to her installation devised for the Bass Strait Forum in Launceston in December 2000.
Taking in Water
NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery Samstag