Robert Heather

Robert Heather is Director of Artspace Mackay. he was previously the Executive Director of the Regional Galleries Association of Queensland and has worked at the Cairns Regional Gallery and the Queensland Art Gallery. He is a member of the board of Trustees of the Queensland Museum and on the Senate Art Committee of the University of Queensland


Parallel Precincts
Once depressed inner-city suburbs that were havens for students, migrants, artists and fringe communities, the high profile precincts of South Brisbane/West End and Fortitude Valley/New Farm have developed into fast-growing centres of urban residential and cultural development. The Millennium Arts Program now underway will see the expenditure of over $100 million on the development of a new Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) through the Queensland Art Gallery's Two Sites-One Visionstrategy. Heather locates the diversity of Brisbane's arts and culture scene through such new and existing precincts, establishments which mark an exciting transformation in the future of the cities art scene.
Critical Mass: The New Brisbane
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