Paul Van Ryke

Paul Van Reyk is an inevitable transgressionist - a tragically ageing gay man, writer-for-hire, Sri Lankan Burgher who dreams of being the next Charmaine Solomon or at least a legend in his own lunchtime


Food Slut > Manifesto
Food increasingly became alienated from the body over the latter half of the twentieth century. Its material, its preparation, its distribution and its consumption became hostage to the banal aesthetics of the food stylist, the aridity of cultural studies and the repressive partnership of the public health zealot and the liability lawyer. Paul van Reyk here presents a manifesto on the food slut, a model for the examination of current food consumption trends in our society. As he states, a food slut is never indifferent to food, any more than a sex slut is indifferent to sex.
Shopping & Extreme Pleasures
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