Rachel Fensham

Rachel Fensham is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Literary Visual and Performance Studies at Monash University and has also worked as a writer, director, arts administrator, performer and cultural
commentator over many years.


The In-Between: Hybrid Arts Laboratories as Places to Question
Hybrid art laboratories - both funded and semi-funded - are dotting themselves around the Australian arts landscape. Most of them involve time away from the everyday, where experience can be intensified and where a new set of meetings between artists can take place. It is an experimental environment encouraging a mode of artmaking that struggles to exist between art form and another, one identity and another, one technology and another, one world and another.
Hybrid World
Why do Angels fly Anti-clockwise?
Community arts has been eminently successful with an impressive list of achievements for a field not more than fifteen years old.
Community Arts
Country Arts SA Unley Museum Cementa NAVA