Jenni Dudley


Dadang Christanto
Exhibition review an Installation of the work by Dadang Christanto Contemporary Indonesian Artist University of South Australia Art Museum August 1 - 31 1991
Art & Education
Semiotically Speaking: A Craftperson's View
One need not restrict this semiotic approach to an analysis of the objects of fashion given that the major role adopted by craftspeople in contemporary times is that of drawing attention to otherwise ordinary objects and processes by remaking them in a mode other than mass production.
Thinking Craft, Crafting Thought
Jillian Davey: Stories on Canvas
Jillian Davey works at the Ernabella Arts Centre on the Pitjantjatjara Lands of the north west of South Australia.
Art & the Feminist Project
Australian Body Art Festival NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery Samstag