Karen Dayman

Karen Dayman WAS the Coordinator of Mangkaja Arts


Jimmy Pike: there is more
Curator and writer Karen Dayman fills in the background of the development of the work and broadens the profile of Great Sandy Desert artist Jimmy Pike whose skills took him around the world and into collaborations with Desert Designs, with his partner Pat Lowe and with the theatre.
Indigenous: Re-visions
Butcher Cherel Janangoo: Imanara
Butcher Cherel Janangoos birth took place around eighty-five years ago. His mother was a Gooniyandi and Kija woman and he cites this as his heritage. He is first and foremost a markmaker. The lexicon of dots, dashes, strokes, washes, lines and imprints of brush, carving tool and sponge that Butcher employs are played out on canvas and paper as well as on etching and lithography plates and lino blocks. He is happy to work in any of these media yet regardless of the form or content of Butchers works, the subjects are all spectres of the same country, his riwi or home country that he calls Imanara.
Elders: The Old Magic
Paji Honeychild Yankarr
Paji Honeychild Yankarr 1914-2004
NAVA Stockroom Kyneton Samstag Bendigo Art Gallery