Richard Tipping

Richard Tipping ( grew up in Adelaide and currently lectures in the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology at the University of Newcastle, Adelaide


The idea of four-dimensional sculpture proposed by the Dimensionalist Manifesto of 1936 has found its realisation through the continuing use of skywriting as a medium in contemporary art. Here Richard Tipping briefly discusses the phenomenon looking at artists Mary Lou Pavlovic and Guy Warren who produced works in association with major public, sporting and political events within Australia. Tipping also raises the question of how such a temporal practice as this is to be considered within the realm of contemporary art.
The Word As Art
Unreadable Writing
This brief article offers insight into a form of writing or drawing that Henri Michaux has termed asemic and which is the subject of interest for Tim Gaze, editor of Asemic magazine, published in Adelaide. As stated by Michaux Most people make asemic writing at some time, possibly when testing a new pen. They tend to have no fixed meaning. Their meaning is open. To explore the nature of asemic writing visit http://www.
The Word As Art
Richard Tipping looks at the role of text and language from an historical and contemporary context, covering areas of interest such as recent technological advancements, graffiti culture and going as far back as 46,000 years to briefly discuss some of the oldest found examples of Indigenous cave art in the south of Australia. Along the way he looks to medieval and ancient Phoenician developments, Clement Greenbergs promotion of painting as a purely optical experience, one in which text has no place except as another kind of surface, the role of Dada in claiming the relationship between word and image and discusses other important figures such as Duchamp, Brancusi, Stephane Mallarme, Christopher Brennan, Picasso, Braque, Kurt Schwitters, Charles Olson, Alex Selenitsch, Allan Riddell, Rosalie Gascoigne and many others.
The Word As Art
Signage to Confuse and Amuse
Richard Tippings installation Signs Signed was in Munichs Salvatorplatz during August 1999. Twenty two reflective signs were placed in the square and streets around the Literaturhaus as a part of the Piazza installation art project, curated by Art Circolo. This feature includes images of Tippings Signs with accompanying text.
Sculpture and Cities
Bendigo Art Gallery Samstag NAVA Australian Body Art Festival