Mike Leggett

Mike Leggett is a video artist and curator living in Sydney.


Digital Drawing: The Same But Different
Drawing - the use of line and tone - is at the other end of a technology timeline currently unravelling in the digital age of information. The theory and practice of drawing ranges from a tool for honing perceptual disciplines to one that permits the free-flow of the obsessive-compulsive component of our personalities. Leggett looks at the works of artists Paul Thomas, Maria Miranda, Harriet Birks, Alyssa Rothwell, Mr Snow, Peter Callas, Simon Biggs and Damien Everett and the various digital tools they employ to assist in the documenting and drawing out of their individual ideas.
E-volution of New Media
The Artists Interface 1/0
The interface paradigm is at the core of current work by artists in the area of interactive multimedia. All the works in the exhibition Burning the Interface at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, approach the issues of interface design and interaction with the audience or user or interactor in different ways.
Art in the Electronic Landscape
Australian Body Art Festival Samstag Bendigo Art Gallery NAVA