Agents of design: Driving climate action from within the museum

Construction cranes rarely make the news. When they do it’s usually in sound bites linking counts of crane numbers to construction activity as an indicator of economic confidence or highlighting the extent that construction emissions contribute to greenhouse gas emissions (about 23 per cent globally). It would be easy, then, for passersby to miss an important fact about the construction site of the new Powerhouse Parramatta in Western Sydney where the tower cranes assembling the museum are the first in Australia to be powered by a 100 per cent renewable diesel known as HVO100. Made from animal fats, vegetable oils and agricultural waste, the biofuel is chemically identical to conventional diesel. Its use at Parramatta will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from crane operations by up to 90 per cent over the life cycle of the fuel compared to mineral diesel, according to a construction update issued by the NSW Government in late 2022.

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