MCAD Manila: Learning, sharing and conversation

Dominga Street is in one of the busiest areas of Metro Manila. Lined by street food sellers, it is a thoroughfare for all possible transportation options in Manila that go this way: pedicabs, tricycles, jeepneys, private cars, trucks, bicycles, etc. There is a public school on one side, its gates hugging the sliver of a sidewalk, and every day at noon children spill out from its gates, where parents and guardians, a gaggle of nannies and grandparents, wait outside. A queue of tricycles wait for passengers, while empty jeepneys are double parked. Sometimes a medium-sized cement truck passes through this throng, while food vendors wend their way through the length of the road, avoiding potholes, humps, piles of garbage and the odd homeless person. The street is about six metres wide and runs from a main avenue of the city into a busy one-way street at the end. Just before reaching the street corners where a printing shop and a 7/11 bookend the street there is an unobtrusive metal gate, a side door to the building of the College of Saint Benilde’s School of Design and Arts that is the entrance to the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD).

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