Anna Epstein


Film Makers Davor Dirlic and Laszlo Dudas
Fortunately the artists are capable of overturning all the newly acceptable conceits about them, and they might deny most of the assumptions that multicultural academics make about them, whilst still giving a new window on our world, as indeed, all good art from anywhere will.
Arts in a Multicultural Australia
More Exotic More Humane: World Music
Art and Design Education at the Victoria College of Arts.
Art & Education
Cinema or Death
What is the effect on film when the maker's background is utterly different from the culture in which he now works. Anna Epstein talked to a film-maker who brings fresh vision to the Australian film industry.
Film & Video
The Changing Face of Australian Women
Women from non-English speaking backgrounds are adding another dimension to the picture of women in Australian art. Informed by other cultures and dealing with issues of ethnic difference, the images on these pages create a broader idea of what it is to be an Australian woman.
Art & the Feminist Project
Wrestling with Difficult Issues
The Jewish Museum of Australia is almost certainly the only religiously based institution in Australia which provides a contemporary art space. An important role of the Museum is to define an Australian Jewish identity, but in the contemporary space the Museum also helps to shape this identity. As well as celebrating our eternity in our permanent exhibitions, we help to forge our future by having contemporary shows.
Art & the Spirit
NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery Stockroom Kyneton Samstag