Ken Scarlett

Ken Scarlett is a curator and writer in Melbourne specialising in sculpture and he has recently curated Sculpture in the Dandenongs


Changchun, China: to Confront or Confirm
Scarlett pays homage to the opening of an International Sculpture Park at Changchun, northern China, which bosts 315 works by numerous international and local provincial Chinese artists. Scarlett looks at this event and examines how audiences react to both controversial and more accepted and confirmed art within a society.
The China Phenomenon
Australian Humour in Sculpture
Does each country, race and cultural group have a particular sense of humour? And if so, is it possible to define their specific characteristics?
Dimensions: Sculpture in Australia
Five Hundred Sculptors in Melbourne!
Whether Melbourne can support 500 or more sculptors is yet to be proven, but the talent is there and architects, developers and city councils seem to be much more receptive to the concept of public art.
Public Art in Australia
Bendigo Art Gallery Samstag Australian Body Art Festival NAVA