Elizabeth Gertsakis

Elizabeth Gertsakis is an artist, writer and curator who works at the National Design Collection and Archives, Australia Post, Melbourne


Kathy Temin
Kathy Temin Curators: Jason Smith and Sue Cramer Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne 1 August – 8 November 2009
Changing Climates in Arts Publishing
Elizabeth Gertsakis
Illustration of her current art practice. Includes images of her work 'The Boys in the Band' from 1989.
Arts in a Multicultural Australia
Visions in the South Pacific: The Immigrant Artist: A Twice Told Tale
Colonial Ghettoes: the possibilities and limitations of new identity as vision.
Arts in a Multicultural Australia
Migrant Artists and the Mysteries of Australian Culture
The Thousand Handed Hydra has been an experiment of difference and opposition in practice. Hydra began in May 1993 as a one year pilot program of education, transition and introductin for migrant artists to the professional networks of Australian (Melbourne) art, culture and practice. Includes the work of artists Fernando Ronquillo, Anita Lorina and Rafael Rojas.
The Art of Survival
The Stamp of Republicanism
When a nation puts out a stamp design it reveals a great deal about its official ideology. The designs which appear on stamps of countries which achieve independence and become republics follow a curious pattern. From France through Tsarist Russia to Libya.... what will Australia put on its Republican stamp [if and when it becomes a Republic]?
Looking at the Republic
NAVA Bendigo Art Gallery Samstag Stockroom Kyneton