Amanda McDonald Crowley


Cacophony + Cramp for the Sensory Bundle
Digital media provides intuitive contemporary ways for storytelling in our times. dLux media arts, based in Sydney, this year curated a selection of installation works derived from their annual d>art program, and for the first time showed it outside Sydney. The five works selected for the Adelaide exhibition were complex and esoteric: a gorgeous array of storytelling techniques which explore and exploit narrative and interactivity.
New Museums, New Agendas
Electronic art in Australia: do we have critical mass?
Looks at art practice as it has developed since 1987 using the ARTLINK issue in 1987 of ÔArt and TechnologyÕ-(Vol 7 Nos 2 & 3, 1987) as the starting point for what was at that time the mostly unrecognised relationship between art and technology.
Art in the Electronic Landscape
Bendigo Art Gallery Australian Body Art Festival Samstag NAVA