Neil Manton


The Arts of Diplomacy
Manton looks at the relationship between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the art world in Australia, one that seems to have been difficult, particularly since the 1970s when the Commonwealth Art Advisory Board gave way to a National Gallery and an Australian Council for the Arts. Furthermore this text examines the growing relations between Australian and Asian art communities during the second half of the 20th century.
The Long Stare: Seeing Contemporary Asian art Now
5 New Publications on South East Asia
Book reviews Vision and Idea - Relooking Modern Malaysian Art by the National Gallery of Malaysia Modern Artists of Malaysia by Piyadasa and Sabapathy Ismail Zain, Retrospective exhibition Skin Trilogy a visual performance event on a futuristic Malaysia Cultural organisations in Southeast Asia by Jenny Lindsay
The Face
Unheard Voices: Asian Artists in Australia
Discussion of the issues for artists of Asian descent in the Australian milieu, exploring issues of identity and displacement. Unheard voices could also characterise emerging artists as well as those from a multicultural background.
The Future of Art
Bendigo Art Gallery Samstag Australian Body Art Festival NAVA