Kelly Fliedner

Kelly Fliedner is a program Coordinator of live arts organisation Punctum, based in Casleaine and a member of the Program Committee at West Space. She recently became Magazine Coordinator of un Magazine based in Melbourne


Island improvisations: Nathan Gray
In 2008 Nathan Gray spent two months on Itaparica, a Brazilian island in the Bahia region, as part of an exchange initiated by The South Project Inc. At the end of the year the exhibition Tudo Que Acho was held to show the work created and produced as a result of the residency. The title in English means ‘everything I think’. In Portuguese the phrase also denotes discovery, as ‘to think’ and ‘to find’ signify the same act. Tudo Que Acho: Nathan Gray was shown 4 – 20 December 2008 at The Narrows, Melbourne.
After the Missionaries
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