Melentie Pandilovski

Melentie Pandilovski is the Director of the Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide


About visual imagery, intuition, and teleportation
Melentie Pandilovski's article is adapted from a paper he gave at the ISEA conference in Singapore in 2008. He writes about interactions between the arts, science and technology through looking at the work of British artist Lei Cox's work Teleportation Experiment.
Curating paths, musical chairs
Outgoing Director of the Experimental Art Foundation Melentie Pandilovksi spills the beans on the current state of play internationally in terms of powerful independent curators moving into important positions in museums. He puts forward the prevalence of a 'new institutionalism' seeking to redefine contemporary art institutions from within. The EAF is about to release a Futures paper on this topic.
Curating : Creating
Biennale of Sydney 2006
Art Gallery of NSW, Museum of Contemporary Art, Pier 2/3 and 14 other venues in and around Sydney 8 June  27 August 2006
Currents II
NAVA Stockroom Kyneton Bendigo Art Gallery Samstag