Yuko Hasegawa

Yuko Hasegawa is the Chief Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo and former Chief Curator/ Artistic Director at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. She was the Curator of the Istanbul Biennale in 2001


Watching as the enchanted land meets its end: Qiu Anxiong
With traditional Chinese brush painting skills Qiu Anxiong's three screen video animation New Book of Mountains and Seas, Part 1 shows the history of the world from its genesis as a vast sea to cities on the edge of destruction. It shows cycles of animal, bird and human life, oil drums and pipes, trees, mountains, the last ten yeas in China and the Great Wall of China. A modern version of the Shanhai Jing (The Classic of Mountains and Sea) the two thousand year old Chinese fanciful geography, Qiu Anxiong's animations brilliantly use scale to combine drawing with political comments.
Fuel for Thought
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