Jasmin Stephens

Jasmin Stephens is Exhibitions Manager (Acting) at Fremantle Arts Centre


New Media at the Venice Biennale and Documenta 12
Jasmin Stephens presents a personal recollection of this years Venice Biennale and documenta 12. As Stephens states, Venice reflected the worldwide trend of artists reappraising iconic moments from Conceptual Art from the early seventies and in so doing taking up the low-tech equipment associated with them. Artists here discussed are Aernout Milk, Willie Doherty, Paolo Canevari, Sophie Whettnall, Shaun Gladwell, Yang Zhenzhong, Emily PrinceSusan Norrie, Joshua Mosley and Tabaimo, Nedko Solakov, Mario Garcia, Felix Gmelin, Steve McQueen, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Ines Doujak, Lili Dujourie, Zofia Kulik, John McCracken, Harun Farocki and Artur Zmijewski.
Screen Deep
Rodney Glick/Lynette Voevedin
24Hr Panoramas Rodney Glick and Lynnette Voevodin Curator: Gary Dufour Art Gallery of Western Australia Perth 16 November 2006 - 21 January 2007
The Word As Art
Tom Muller > Gold Standard Art
This article discusses the artistic practice of Tom Muller - one concerned with both elegance of appearance and versatility of application. It is argued here that his astringent imagery is surely the art of our times not only in terms of its subject matter but its ease of distribution. Two works closely examined are Mullers 2006 piece 'Gold Card' in which the artist offered an edition of 24 carat gold credit cards and 'World Passport' (2000  present), considered to be two of Mullers most accomplished works because of the tension between their formalist pleasures and their real time operation.
The Word As Art
Carol Rudyard: Storyboards and Solitude
English-born Carol Rudyard arrived in Perth, Western Australia, in 1950. Her initial studies at the Western Australian Institute of Technology focused on textile design and colour field and op art inspired paintings. In 1977 she began a progressive shift into slide-based installation then installation with video. Recently she has shown digital prints. Carol's reputation derives from early engagement with audiovisual technologies and her social analysis of the complicity of consumerism and the gaze at the time when theorywas often held responsible for a dissipation of critique. This article includes an edited transcript of a conversation held between Carol Rudyard and Jasmin Stephens in August 2006.
Elders: The Old Magic
NAVA Australian Body Art Festival Bendigo Art Gallery Samstag