Renai Stoneley

Renai Stoneley is a consultant with Positive Solutions, a cultural consultancy firm that provides a wide range of arts and cultural services to governments and commercial clients. Renai has a Bachelor of Arts (Art History) and has completed post graduate internship in Museum Management and Curatorial studies at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice, Italy. In her roles as chief executive officer, gallery director, public art project manager, independent curator and lecturer she has actively promoted Queensland artists and developed numerous exhibition programs and public artworks for local and international audiences.


Prime Two
With the redevelopment of many inner-city dwellings which in the past were alternative hot spots for the local youth, Brisbane was left with very few arts venues catering for youth-specific programs, and limited opportunities for young artists to present their work. In 2001 the Queensland Art Gallery appointed an Access and Youth Program Officer and 2003 saw Prime Two, a six-hour long celebration of youth culture for National Youth Week. The intensity of Prime Two transformed the gallery into a festive and lively venue and created an experience that was reminiscent of an adventure rather than a visit to a state institution. Featured artists include Jemima Wyman, Arryn Snowball, Anne Wallace, Brett Whiteley and James Gleeson.
Critical Mass: The New Brisbane
Cementa Unley Museum NAVA