Robert McFarlane

Robert McFarlane is a writer, photojournalist, curator and lecturer


The Child in Photography
In the century and a half since photography allowed humanity an historical moment of self-consciousness - a way to see ourselves as never before - photographers have been drawn to recording youth, especially children. A child standing before the photographer's lens provided a dual perspective on humanity - at once eternally young and yet, clad in clothes to be soon outgrown, ephemeral. McFarlane looks to the work of Bill Henson, Tracey Moffatt, Ian Dodd, Sebastio Salgado, Deborah Paauwe, Anne Ferran, Sandy Edwards, Jon Rhodes and Roger Scott.
Art and Childhood
Sandy Edwards: Indelible
Stills Gallery, Sydney 17 March - 17 April
Currents I
Bendigo Art Gallery NAVA Samstag